Mental Geek is a community to bring awareness and support to mental health in the geek community.

This is for anyone who likes to geek out about anything, rather it be comics, gaming, movies, cosplaying, collecting, as well as creative types (artists, writers, musicians/bands, etc).

Most people have something in their life that they like to geek out over, and often these are things that help us cope through our struggles in one way or another. We are here to share and learn about our struggles, as well as bond over and share the things we enjoy. This is a judgement free zone, and anyone is welcome.

Mental Geek includes (but is not limited to) the following:
– Stories you can submit or read from members of our community
– A podcast, where we discuss both mental health and geek related topics
– a place where we share projects that people in our community are creating
– “Ask a counselor” page where you can submit your questions to a volunteer Mental Health professional
– A secret Facebook group where we can connect and share our stories with each other.
– Running informational booths at various conventions and festivals around the country.
– A comprehensive list of mental health resources, broken down to help you find what you need based on your situation.

This was launched in early 2019, so we are still growing and figuring out the direction of Mental Geek, but we are happy to have you be a part of this community. Remember, you don’t have to go through your battles alone.

~Matt – Founder (2019)